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Some families build a business. Our business built a family.

Founders Cheri and Steve Leetch met on the steps of a glass studio in 2011. What started as a working relationship soon blossomed  into more. They married and started a family. For the two, work and life have always been intertwined, inspired by the connections between design and community, local and universal and the notion of feeling "at home".

The Short Line Glass family continues to grow - always with the intent of fostering a sense of well-being for our customers, contractors, and team members. 


People often ask us, why are you named Short Line Glass?  We're glad you asked!

A Shortline is a term that originated with the railroad industry.  This type of rail was a smaller line that exchanged goods, services, or people from one of the larger lines to the next. Goods that were received from around the world into the city were then connected to the surrounding areas through the Shortline. Similarly, we founded our company to bring the world of Glass Art and Design to you and our community. Steve spent the first 20 years of his glass career traveling the country learning and making alongside glass artists, professors and influencers. His past work in both galleries and art institutions along with current technologies and the future of glass continue to inspire and influence the work of our company and the breadth of services we can offer. 

We believe that glass has the power to transform an ordinary room into a light-filled space that is fresh and inviting. Whatever your need, Short Line Glass will help bring the latest in glass design and technology to your home creating a space that is both practical and beautiful.

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