Whether you want to consider this option or not, is purely aesthetic. There is no structural differences when it comes to using standard or low iron glass in a shower door. Both can be turned into safety glass and this is what is most important when using glass structurally.

Standard glass is typically a shade of emerald green and most evident when looking down the edges of the glass. Low- iron glass is an attempt at a perfectly clear glass, which is difficult to achieve. Typical low iron glass is Starphire, made by PPG and is generally a shade of blue, but can lean toward violet. We use a low-iron glass called OptiWhite, made by Pilkington, the clearest of all low-iron glasses we have tested and perfect for applications like back painted glass. Standard glass is fine for most applications. What to consider is the color of the shower stall and bath. If the tile or interior is white or yellow? The green will show stronger. If your tile is a darker shade, like brown or black, the standard green will not be as noticeable. We usually recommend a low-iron glass like optiwhite when a bath needs that extra sparkle and matches the budget of the rest of the space. Also if green would just destroy the rooms color pallet.