What you’ll need:  Sprayaway foam cleaner & lint free cloth or paper towel

Glass is non-absorbent material. This means we don't have to deal with any pesky stains when cleaning. We just have to clean what's sitting on the surface. It is important to note that if the surface is scratched with any kind of abrasive material dirt can sit in these little tiny crevices. It's extremely important therefore to never use any kind of abrasive based cleaner on glass. We suggest using Sprayaway glass cleaner because it's easy to find at any hardware store, it's streak free, and it sprays foam which works beautifully on vertical surfaces.


To get started shake your can of cleaner and spray about 12 inches away from the surface in a big curricular motion. Allow the spray to set for a minute before wiping off. When you're ready to wipe clean make sure to use a lint-free towel and continue wiping until all wet-looking surfaces are dry. If you have a pesky spot you may need to repeat the spray in that particular spot and wipe clean again.


This should be all you need to get that shower looking sparkly clean! If however you're dealing with more pesky residue please watch our video on what to do next.